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Garage Door Repair Service Wheaton ILWhen your garage door is damaged it will not open and close the way it should. This could mean you cannot get into your garage. It could also mean that there is a clear space for animals or other intruders to get into your garage depending on the nature of the damage. Either way this is an unsightly problem that is just one more headache for homeowners. Rather than waiting around and dealing with this problem, call a professional repair team to manage this issue like us, here at Garage Door Repair Wheaton IL. This will get your door back up and running in less time so you don’t have to worry about these issues longer than necessary here in Wheaton, IL.

Garage Door Repair Service
Garage Door Spring Repair
Garage Door Spring Repair Wheaton IL
The springs on your garage door need to hold a lot of weight each day which can cause them to pull after they start to get old. If a spring pulls out of shape or breaks then it will cause that area of the door to lift at a strange angle or hit the ground with too much force. Springs can also get rusty when they are exposed to the elements which can lead to similar issues. If you look at the springs on the side of your door it is easy to see when one is out of place or damaged. This can then be replaced with a new one that will help to hold up the weight of your door more effectively.

  • Replace damaged springs
  • Inspect for rust or stretching
Garage Door Opener Repair
Garage Door Opener Repair Wheaton IL
If your garage door opener is not working it could prevent the mobile openers from responding or the keypad from registering your code. You may notice an error message or the light inside your garage door flashing or failing to turn on. In many cases a garage door opener can be reprogrammed to get it back up and running the way it should be. In other cases a portion of the opener could have become damaged, but it should not take much effort to remove the damaged piece and replace it with an upgraded model that will function more effectively.
The opener system also includes the sensors which are used to determine if the door should be opening or closing. If these start functioning sporadically it can be dangerous because it could cause the door to move at an inappropriate time. Reprogramming the sensors or replacing those that have been damaged is an easy fix, though the parts which are needed will be somewhat brand dependent.

  • Upgrade openers
  • Repair or replace broken openers
  • Add sensors or other safety options
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